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Why Is Father God Unresponsive to Prayers and Requests?

Probably the most profound need today is encountering the powerful sign of God’s Kingdom in our lives. There is a Treasury in the Heavenly domains that is loaded up with the plenitude of God. It very well may be gotten to through three entrances from earth. He has given us these entrances however more should ….  Read More

A Prophetic Army

Paul the witness trained that the best blessing was prediction. Paul scolded us to pine for the best endowments. The endowment of prescience is fit as a fiddle on the planet as mystics and telepaths lead individuals adrift who line up with their cash looking for course and joy. However, regardless of what the world ….  Read More

The Immeasurable Value of Time

My preferred things in life don’t cost any cash. The most valuable asset we as a whole have is certainly time. – Steve Jobs These are prophetic words thinking about that Jobs was ostensibly one of current America’s most productive trend-setters who kicked the bucket at the  REQUEST A PROPHETIC WORD generally youthful age of ….  Read More