Why Is Father God Unresponsive to Prayers and Requests?

Probably the most profound need today is encountering the powerful sign of God’s Kingdom in our lives. There is a Treasury in the Heavenly domains that is loaded up with the plenitude of God. It very well may be gotten to through three entrances from earth. He has given us these entrances however more should enter them for impartation. More need to enter for the arrival of arrangements. At the point when these entries are opened by confidence it delivers God’s Supernatural Kingdom. You will see this occurrence in the


sacred writings when individuals got otherworldly arrangement in their life Request Prophetic Word


Let me give you instances of these three gateways being opened by




His Word as a Portal


Romans 10:17 Faith drops by hearing the Word of God.


At the point when you place your confidence in His Word that activity of confidence opens


one of the entryways in the sublime spots. The delivering of arrangement


gets through this opened entryway.


A case of this is found in the solicitation of the Roman centurion


who came to Jesus as recorded in Matthew 8:5. He asked Jesus to


recuperate his worker. Jesus revealed to him He would accompany him to his


house. This man reacted by saying that all Jesus needed to do was


express the Word of recuperating and it would be finished. He had confidence in the


Expression of Jesus. You can find out about the awe that Jesus


communicated due to this present man’s confidence. In the event that you apply what I shared


prior you would then observe this man before the Living Word who is


Jesus. This man could see the mending arrangement for his worker. His


confidence opened this entry and it was bestowed to his worker that equivalent




The Name of Jesus Christ as a Portal


Acts 3:16


By confidence for the sake of Jesus, this man whom you


see and know was made solid. It is Jesus’ name


furthermore, the confidence that comes through him that has given


this total recuperating to him, as you would all be able to see.


These are the expressions of Peter as He proclaims to the group how the


injured poor person was mended.


At the point when you place your confidence in the Name of Jesus Christ it opens the


assets of Heaven. Elegance and arrangement is delivered through this


entryway. The Name of Jesus Christ holds appointed position. When


you in confidence conjure that strong Name over ailment and spirits of


illness, reclamation is the outcome. Subside and John got that


authority when they petitioned God for the disabled man sitting at the sanctuary


entryway. Their supplication was not a request to God in Heaven it was a


order of power. Impartation happened when they gave what


they had in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Each devotee has


been approved by God to conjure the power that is in the Name of


Jesus Christ. At the point when you do this you enter this entrance into the King’s


Depository and recover from the profound domain what is vital in


the characteristic.


His Power as a Portal


Paul the messenger makes this propelled announcement in:


1 Corinthians 2: 4,5


My message and my proclaiming were not with shrewd and convincing words, yet with an exhibition of the Spirit’s capacity, so your confidence probably won’t lay on men’s insight yet on God’s capacity.


At the point when you place your confidence in God’s capacity and capacity it opens an entryway


through which His extraordinary arrangements stream. A case of this is


found in Luke 6:17-19. Here it says that groups came around Jesus


to hear Him and to be recuperated of their sicknesses. Those disturbed by evil


spirits likewise were conveyed. All the individuals attempted to contact Him on the grounds that


there was power originating from Him and recuperating them all. They had


confidence in His Power. They knew whether they could simply contact Him His capacity


would be delivered into them. Keep in mind, the lady with the issue


of blood? She realized this too. Putting your Faith in His capacity


opens that entry of arrangement today. Does He have Power to Heal


infection? Truly! He additionally has the ability to give every one of your needs. Put


your confidence in His Power.


The Kingdom of God is showed when the Power of Faith is


working. The King’s Treasury is accessible for you to enter. His


treasures have been dismissed in sitting tight for you to recover them.


Enact your confidence in His Word, in the strong Name of Jesus Christ


also, in His Power.

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